Interior design

Layout, lighting, color and material play an important role in a house. I like to make your house a home, without a costly renovation.

I come to visit you and give the answers to all your interior questions. Afterwards I send you the summary of our conversation by e-mail within two workdays.

I come to visit you and together we will find the right combination of style and atmosphere also we take some pictures and measure the sizes of the room. After the visit, you will receive a sphere impression, a floorplan with the furniture arrangement and an interior design within five workdays by e-mail. In this advice we describe the opinion of furniture, lighting, color and material. Also very helpful if you’re not satisfied with the arrangement of your current furniture!

After our intake I will come along in ten workdays with the advice in handy sheets and if desirable color and material samples. If you do have any questions we can answer them directly. With this advice in your hands you can now start by yourself.

Additional advice
Do you find it difficult to choose the final bench, lamp or pillow? Then choose this additional shopadvice at product level. We translate the interior design into a practical shopping list in your price level with (web) shop addresses and the corresponding prices. You will receive this shopping list within five working days. It saves a lot of time and prevents “bad buys”. 

Online interior design advice
If you do not have time for an interior design at your house or you do not live in The Hague area, then choose an online interior design advice! You have to make some pictures of the area for which you want an interior design and mail it along with the sizes of the room and your questions to You receive by e-mail a sphere impression, a floorplan with the furniture arrangement and an interior design in five workdays. 

For a quotation please use the contact form. The standard rates are listed on the site.